Best Practice to gain success…..

​One of the leading refurbishment and fit out companies in the South West, CW Duke share with us their approach to how they work and what ‘best practice’ approach will gain you project success.

For them it comes down to some critical areas and in this blog we will explore them.


“Quick and responsive, very good communication, dealt with problems as they arose”


Speak with us as soon as you can’, with our experience over so many sectors, different builds and our years in the industry, we can be on hand to help forge the design and any innovation for your project.  

‘Regular reviews are vital’, weekly or daily (project dependant) ensuring that all major stakeholders are in the picture at all times.

'We take a ‘partnered approach’, at the forefront of our service is the desire to work in partnership ‘with’ you. We aim to be your expert partner and become integral to the success of your project. We establish trusting relationships.

Project Management: 

“Well managed project. CW Duke brought alternative solutions and ways of working to assist in programme management”


Programming to get it right’, agreeing timescales and logistics early are imperative to a projects success. Working closely with you, we develop a coherent programme at the start, taking into account the key challenges as well as your needs. – Planning is the ‘key’ to success.    

‘Dedicated team’, your project will have a team from CW Duke who are dedicated and knowledgeable. They will be with you from the start to the finish, keeping that important continuity throughout your project. Along with providing a solutions based philosophy.

‘Health and safety’, is something we take very seriously. Ensure all our sites are safe, managed correctly and risk assessed. We ensure that every requirement is covered and every box is ticked.

​Trades Team:

“CW Duke was completely competitive, great co-ordination which gave us less to do. Everyone attended the project meetings. Excellent communications, great site team”


‘Knowing our trades’, we’re proud of our in-house trade’s team. Each an expert with extensive experience. Having our own team means we have full control of the workforce on our projects, giving you peace of mind that our team is dedicated.  

‘Supporting local economies’, where expertise is needed we would utilise the local trades to support the project, we are aware of the impact of our projects on the local economy. Our relationships with our specialist trades sub-contracting team means we are confident in our supply chain.    

‘Linking our site team’, to the office and our site team to the client. Our team follow our policy of ensuring that all channels of communication are open. We communicate daily with our site teams ensuring project success. 


“CW Dukes have, and continue, to provide an excellent service on our projects”

‘Accreditations’, we take pride in the fact that we are accredited with the following industry leading trade representatives:

o  Gold Level Constructionline

o  CHAS Certified

o  Gas Safe Certified

o  EXOR Certified

o NICEIC Certified

o BSG Certified

o  ISO:9001 – 2015

‘Training is ingrained in the company’. We know it’s important to the industry, so it is always at the top of our list with each member of our team. Every year we review all the training potential for everyone and ensure we keep all our certification up to date. We cross train in all trades.

‘Our team want to stay’…. We are extremely proud that we have a dedicated team. Our staff turnover is extremely low and our longest serving team members are 20 years +. So you can be sure our expertise and project knowledge won’t change during the course of your project. 

A mixture of these 5 core areas along with an experienced leadership team it is clear to see why CW Duke and Sons are growing.

Best Practice to gain success…..

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✍ Read our latest Case Study

​Hearing and reading the feedback that local leading refurbishment contractor CW Duke receive reminds us why you should always rely on the experts in Construction.

  When we think of risk in construction I think we could all roll off a lot concerning new build and maybe if we were honest not as many for refurbishment. But on reviewing these types of projects, they in fact come with their own unique challenges you wouldn’t face in new builds.   So with that said, having knowledge that a refurbishment company have received feedback and praise from SME and blue chip clients regarding the fact that the reduced or omitted all risks, really is a place to start to give anyone peace of mind. We have to class them as the experts.   CW Duke have just that. They have made it a policy that they liaise with the key stakeholders to gain feedback at the end of each project, some contractors may see this as opening up a moaning session, but not Duke they see it as an opportunity to understand what their clients thought about performance, quality and their team on every project. Reviewing their feedback it is clear that they are one of the leading refurbishment contractors in the South West. We’d have to call them the experts.   CW Duke have been based in Bristol in since the 1960’s completing many historic projects around the city. Though life started as a shop fitting company CW Duke have now found fame in working with multiple ‘blue chip’ clients across the South West on many different sectors of refurbishments. 

How have they become the experts?

CW Duke have made sure they have the best knowledge in 8 key areas; Cost Management, Project Management, Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management, Electrical Design Management, Design Services, Building Regulation Advice and Programme Management. All of these area’s proving vital for successful projects.   Somewhat uniquely in contractors CW Duke have taken the decision to have most of these experts as a directly employed workforce. They hold a lot of pride in the fact that their in house trade’s team are highly skilled with extensive experience. You can see that having their own team means that they have full control of their workforce on each project.   This also is a very dedicated team, the longest serving member is over 25 years strong, and their turnover of staff would impress any company...   Jon Porter Director of CW Duke said “We have grown our knowledge in house to ensure we are able to offer our clients a complete service on their projects, We know by having them directly employed we gain better control and we can ensure that our knowledge and expertise is the most effective. That said, the relationships we have developed over the last 50 odd years with our specialist sub-contractors means that we have the right trades to provide utopia to our clients”   Steve Cameron Contracts Director at CW Duke comments “With programming being pivotal to any of our projects, it is vital to know what workforce is available, having the majority of our workforce in-house means that our programming can be very specific and achievable. Meeting project deadlines is imperative to us and this accurate programme allows this to happen”   So don’t just take my words for it, see what local construction consultancy firm Kendall Kingscott had to say:   “This was a well-managed project. CW Duke brought alternative solutions and ways of working to assist in programme management”   ‘Experts’ can be a word banded around to impress, CW Duke have the proof and can be confident to classify themselves as ‘Experts’ in their sector.    For more information on CW Duke and review more of their feedback take a look at their website